Smart Apply

Close up shotr of the Smart Apply system on a sprayer

Sprays only where it counts
Smart Apply’s LiDAR (laser) senses the presence and density of foliage, adjusting spray volume to the location and density of individual plants to optimize protection.

Less chemicals = less labour
Cutting chemical use in half* also reduces the number of trips to the spray shed to mix chemicals and refill sprayers. The labor and time savings are another boost to ROI.

Stays in the field, not in the shop
The USDA spent more than a decade developing and field testing Smart Apply’s technology. The robust system is designed to work.

Sustainability is automatic
Smart Apply improves the health of the planet, people, and crops by significantly reducing water use, chemical runoff, and drift.

Elevates virtually any air blast sprayer
Smart Apply is sold as a kit so growers can easily upgrade traditional air blast sprayers into high-tech, precision spray delivery systems.

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