Custom Builds

Custom Built Sprayers

Custom Made Sprayers to Suit Your Needs

We are specialists in custom-designed sprayers. We build spraying solutions to suit you, utilising the latest technology to ensure outstanding performance in the field and we are New Zealand Made.

Our Customisation Options Include:

  • Tank and Boom Size: Choose the capacity that suits your needs, from small handheld units to large-capacity tanks for extended operations.
  • Pump Type: Select from a range of pumps to achieve the desired pressure and flow rate.
  • Nozzle Configuration: Customise your spray pattern and droplet size for precise application.
  • Control Systems: Implement advanced control features such as GPS integration, remote operation, and automation to enhance efficiency.
  • Material Selection: Pick the right materials for your sprayer to handle various chemicals and environments.
Custom Built Spraying
Need help to find the right product?

Not sure which product is right for your application, then contact the BA team to help you select the right product for your requirements.

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