Aerial view of an LS Spraying turf

We offer a range of spraying equipment suitable for the following industries:

LS Series spraying turf
Pasture Spraying
Discover which BA products can help with weed control in pastoral farming.
Chief Sprayer spraying vegetables
Broadacre farming requires effective and efficient spraying equipment to get the job done.
Orchard Sprayer in an orchard
We offer a range of products for spraying orchards from fan sprayers to spot sprayers.
Person spraying in a garden nursery
Choose the right sprayer for your application to ensure high yields and quality produce.
Coolard Defoliator heading into a vine
Work with BA to find the right equipment to produce high-quality grapes year on year.
A Greens Keeper sprayer on a pitch
Whether you're a groundskeeper or turf grower, we've got you covered.
Man spraying with a knapsack
Lifestyle, Home & Garden
If you want to spot-spray the drive way or fertilise the lawn, we have the equipment for you.
Landscape view of a park
Efficiently and effectively maintain parks, sports fields, and other public areas.