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Person touching a GPS screen on a tractor

Are you wasting chemicals and fertiliser with your old foam marker? Upgrade to a GPS system and save time and reduce over spraying!

Matrix 430 GPS Unit
TeeJet, 4.3" Screen
Matrix 908 GPS Unit
TeeJet, 8" Screen
Ti5 GPS Unit
Hexagon, 5" Screen
Ti7 GPS Unit
Hexagon, 7" Screen
GPS unit on a tractor
Save time, money and chemical

Using GPS systems for spraying eliminates skipping and overlapping which improves accuracy and reduces the risk of operator error.

We offer a range of GPS systems from TeeJet and Hexagon – take a look at our range below:

Hexagon GPS Systems

Ti5 GPS Unit
  • 5-inch Colour Touch Screen
  • Rugged aluminium case
  • Multiple Guidance Modes
  • 2D or 3D Operational Modes
  • GPS and GLONASS Compatible
  • Import or export maps via USB.
Ti7 GPS Unit
  • 7-inch Colour Touch Screen
  • Rugged aluminium case
  • Multiple Guidance Modes
  • 2D or 3D Operational Modes
  • GPS & GLONASS Compatible
  • Import/export maps via USB
  • Correction signals are available on 20Hz model.

TeeJet GPS Systems

Matrix 430
Matrix 430 GPS Unit
  • Easy to install
  • Spray or spread
  • Simple job mode
  • Proof of placement
  • High resolution touch screen
  • Glonass receiver
  • Watch the video below to find out more.
Matrix 908
Matrix 908 GPS Unit
  • Application rate control and VRA functionality
  • Field coverage mapping, data, and storage
  • 8 inch touchscreen.
  • Optional assisted and automatic steering and automatic section control
  • Optional video camera monitoring and droplet size monitoring
  • Optional TwinView of guidance and application control screens.
TeeJet Matrix 430
What our customers say
“We use a GPS system with five section control so we can control where we spray and avoid overlapping, which saves chemical and ensures we don’t damage the soil or crop by over spraying.”
Richard Brewer, Brewer Farms
GPS on an LS1300
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