Deckmount Sprayers

A person in safety gear spraying the fenceline using a deckmount sprayer on the back of their farm vehicle

Our deckmount sprayers have been designed to suit a range of flat deck trays and well-side utility vehicles.

These sprayers are ideally suited to farmers who need to eliminate large brush weeds and can be put on the back of a motorbike or ATV.

Standard units are designed for gun spraying however, you can add a spray boom for larger spray jobs, making your sprayer flexible for whichever jobs you need doing. This flexibility also allows for liquid fertiliser spraying as well as weed spraying.

BA Deckmount Sprayers are available in two models. The EZI-Deckmounts are an economic option ideal for the farmer and block owner. The MAXI-Deckmounts have been designed to contractor standards.

Check out our full range below:

Man using an EZI-Spot Sprayer on the back of his farm vehicle to spray the fenceline
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