Growers blown away by outstanding results of BA Orchard Sprayer

21 September 2023
Aerial shot of Boyds Orchard Sprayer spraying kiwi
Designed with growers in mind, the BA Orchard Sprayer combines world-leading componentry with the strength and maneuverability needed to deliver outstanding results for growers everytime.

Boyds Asparagus knows firsthand how effective the BA 2000 litre Orchard Sprayer is, having diversified their Waikato-grown asparagus crop to include 3.5 hectares of kiwifruit.  The change from underground crops to overhead required a different farming technique, and BA was there to ensure Boyds had the right sprayer for the job. “The Orchard Sprayer was well priced, does what it’s supposed to do, and the BA team have been great to deal with,” Ash Boyd says. 

Spray application is essential to successful crop growth, and BA understands this. “We know how important accurate spray coverage is for growers,” says Paul France, BA’s National Sales Manager.  “Through our product design, quality componentry, and reliability of application, the Orchard Sprayer is doing the job growers need it to do.” 

That quality componentry includes a 920mm adjustable pitch fan with a two-speed gearbox that delivers up to 74,000 M3/Hr, producing an almost unprecedented amount of air but has the technology to adapt to the lightest and heaviest of canopies. This technology, combined with a high-quality Bertolini PA series pump capable of 150 litres per minute, is giving growers confidence and enabling self-sufficiency in crop maintenance. 

Being New Zealand-made also gives BA equipment the edge, and their range of Orchard Sprayers is no exception. The galvanised steel chassis provides a robust frame, while its polyethylene tank is UV rated, ideal for New Zealand conditions. 

“BA knows kiwi growers and understands the challenges of New Zealand’s climate and terrain.  Equipment like the Orchard Sprayer delivers value to horticulturalists,” says Paul. “This has certainly been designed with growers in mind. It’s compact but sturdy, easy to maneuver, and of a large enough size that it improves spraying efficiency.  Using either the manual or an optional auto-rate control system, also ensures the plants receive the treatment they require for healthy growth.” 

The benefits of the BA Orchard Sprayer don’t stop there; growers also have the BA customer service team on hand if needed. “Our range of equipment has been manufactured so it’s easy to maintain,” says Paul.  “A homegrown advantage of BA is that we have equipment, supplies, and componentry to hand, should growers need maintenance and repairs to undertake on their sprayers.” 

BA’s range of trailed sprayers enables horticulturalists and viticulturists to source locally produced equipment that suits their range of needs with a healthy dose of Kiwi customer service from the BA team. 

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