Take your spraying to the next level with ISOBUS and a BA Linkage Sprayer

4 September 2023
ISOBUS ready tractor
Did you know you can link up your BA Linkage Sprayer with your tractors ISOBUS system. Read about the benefits of ISOBUS and your sprayer in our latest article.

Did you know you can take your farming efficiency to new heights by pairing up a BA Linkage Sprayer with ISOBUS. 

First off, what is ISOBUS?

ISOBUS (ISO 11783) is the future of smart farming, revolutionising the way you connect and control your agricultural equipment. Say goodbye to complex wiring and hello to seamless communication! 

Benefits of ISOBUS:  

Precision & Efficiency: ISOBUS streamlines your farming operations for pinpoint accuracy and maximum efficiency.  

Time-Saving: Bid farewell to tedious manual adjustments. ISOBUS automates tasks, saving you valuable time.  

Cost-Efficiency: Reduce input costs and optimise resources, boosting your bottom line.  

Sustainability: Minimise chemical overuse.  

User-Friendly: The intuitive interface makes ISOBUS accessible for farmers of all levels. 

Saves Cab Clutter: Use the tractor terminal screen for all implements instead of having a console/monitor for each one. 

Pair ISOBUS with a BA Linkage Sprayer for even greater advantages, including:  

Adjustable Spray Rates: Customise spraying to match your crops’ precise needs, ensuring every drop counts.  

Remote Control: Effortlessly operate your Linkage Sprayer from the tractor seat, enhancing convenience.  

Real-Time Insights: Access data on spraying operations for informed decision-making. 

Add the optional ISOBUS Module, a multi-platform auto rate spray controller designed to interface directly with your existing ISOBUS plug, to any BA Linkage Sprayer.  

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Pictured: New LS1300-2136-15X2 ISOBUS controlled linkage sprayer ready for work.