BA Stands The Test Of Time

5 September 2023
Paul Brown Collard Pre-Pruner
As a contractor Paul and his team need equipment that is strong, reliable and can stand the test of time and BA delivers it all.

Paul Brown, of Paul Brown Contracting, provides vine spraying and maintenance services to vineyards across the Marlborough region.

Paul said: “I first dealt with BA dealer, BA Marlborough, 18 years ago when I bought a Bertolini trailed over row vine sprayer. Three years later I bought my second one and they are still working today!” 

Paul puts the longevity of his sprayers down to rinsing after every use and greasing. “These sprayers have never broken down and it’s a testament to their quality that they have stood the test of time.” 

Part of Paul’s contracting services includes defoliation and pre-pruning. After a visit to the BA Marlborough store in Opawa Street, he saw the Collard Barrel Pruner.  Paul said “When I saw it, I said that looks strong, and it is. I have had it for one season and its robustness has really shown through.” 

Available with or without fence post sensors Paul opted for a manual control with the Collard joystick. Paul said: “The ergonomically designed joystick allows me to control the pruner with any hand meaning I don’t have any RSI symptoms from pushing a button like I would on other models.”