Rotopai Farms: Embracing Innovation and Tradition in South Wairarapa 

24 June 2024
BA LM series on a tractor at Rotopai Farms
Rotopai Farms believes in the economic advantages of the LM sprayer, estimating a payback period of 2 to 2.5 years. 

Nestled in the heart of South Wairarapa, Rotopai Farms is a testament to family dedication and agricultural innovation. Established in the district in 1921 and relocated to Rotopai in 1931, the farm is now proudly in its fourth generation of family operation. 

Expanding Horizons and Herds 

Over the decades, Rotopai Farms has expanded significantly. Today, it spans over 1400 hectares, with an additional 600 hectares leased. The farm is home to 3100 cows, efficiently managed with two modern milking sheds. 

Innovative Spraying Solutions 

A key aspect of farm management at Rotopai is the strategic use of advanced technology for maintenance and crop care. While the bulk of the farm’s spraying is carried out by helicopter and contractors, the new BA LM1150 Linkage Sprayer with 12 Metre M Boom has proven invaluable for more precise tasks. 

This sprayer excels in reaching ‘fringe’ areas—those not used for cropping or where helicopter access is less practical. It is particularly effective for smaller, more intricate jobs, handling awkward terrains and sensitive zones around bush and riparian plantings. 

Effective Maintenance Spraying 

Maintenance spraying is crucial at Rotopai Farms to control weeds like thistles, buttercup, and ragwort. Timing is everything, and having a sprayer ready to go when weather and ground conditions are ideal ensures optimal results. 

The BA LM1150 sprayer, the farm’s second BA sprayer, underscores the farm’s commitment to quality equipment and Rotopai Farms believe “BA make good sprayers,” and their reliability is bolstered by Cyril Butler from the BA Dealer in Masterton, TFM Tractors. 

Ease of Operation 

One of the standout features of the LM sprayer is its straightforward operation, allowing other farm staff to be trained and confident in its use. This ease of use ensures that maintenance spraying is both efficient and effective. 

Economic Efficiency 

Rotopai Farms believes in the economic advantages of the LM sprayer, estimating a payback period of 2 to 2.5 years, highlighting its value as a long-term investment for the farm. 

The addition of the LM Series will help Rotopai Farms continue to blend tradition with modern agricultural practices, ensuring sustainability and productivity for future generations.