Standout features makes LS the right choice for former Young Farmer of the Year

26 March 2024
Logan Wallace LS1300
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Former Young Farmer of the Year, Logan Wallace of Beacon Hill in Waipahi, South Otago, was on the hunt for a larger sprayer to improve efficiencies around his 290-hectare farm when he came across the LS Series in a newspaper insert. 

Logan opted for the LS1300-2136-12X2 with lift, a 1300 litre linkage sprayer with 12-metre hydraulic boom, which is primarily used for weed spraying across the farm, and then for liquid urea during the autumn months. 

Logan was drawn to the LS because of several standout features including the induction hopper, which allows for the safe handling of chemicals. Logan said: “This feature significantly enhances safety during chemical handling operations as we don’t have to lift heavy drums and can do everything from waist height.” 

The most outstanding feature though was the BA Super X2 12 metre hydraulic boom: “The strength of the engineering stood out compared to other sprayers and could see it would be tough enough to handle what we throw at it” Logan continues.   

With varied terrain and hollows across the property, Logan also required boom lift to ensure thorough spraying coverage, adding: “The boom lift provides us with the necessary reach and flexibility to navigate the unevenness of the property efficiently, and I can operate it all from the inside of the cab.” 

The decision to invest in BA Pumps & Sprayers equipment was preceded by thorough research and consultation. Logan initially learned about BA Pumps & Sprayers through their Full Tank catalogue which he received via his copy of Rural News. Subsequently, he explored BA’s range online, seeking more detailed information. 

His journey led him to authorised dealer, Advance Agriculture, where Logan received personalised assistance and advice. Advance Agriculture highlighted the robust engineering of BA Pumps & Sprayers equipment, emphasising features like boom strength and the potential for future upgrades. Additionally, Logan appreciated the dealer’s insights into maintenance considerations and the compatibility of BA equipment with advanced technologies such as GPS integration. 

By integrating the LS1300 with the 12-metre Super X boom with lift from BA Pumps & Sprayers into their operations, Beacon Hill Farm has enhanced efficiency, safety, and precision in their spraying activities. The tailored features of the equipment, coupled with personalised support from the local dealer, have allowed Logan to optimise his spraying operations effectively.  

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